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Without adequate security protections in place, hackers can use the camera and microphone to spy on babies and use the speaker to communicate with them.The Shodan search engine is able to capture images from these baby monitors by using a bot to trawl the Internet looking for cameras that use something called the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).She claims that a significant number of baby monitors may be lacking some of the most basic security features and could therefore be exposing babies to sites like Shodan and hackers like the one who took control of Gilbert’s device.Smart baby monitors, which tend to feature a camera, microphone and speaker, pass live feeds through a user’s wireless router and over the Internet in order to be viewed by parents remotely on a smartphone or other device.Marc Gilbert was washing the dishes when he first heard a stranger’s voice in his daughter’s bedroom.As he and his wife approached the room, he heard the stranger telling his two-year-old to “wake up you little slut.” But there was noone there.

Through the investigation, Menin also hopes to raise awareness among parents.

Anyone with or near a computer and its webcam is potentially at risk.

While cautious browsing can make a difference when it comes to protecting yourself, for ratting victims, U. law, late as usual to the party, is lacking.* * *Despite repeated violations of privacy via webcam hacking, legal protections against RATs in the United States leave many behind.

An eight-month-old baby in his crib, February 18, 2011 in Decatur, Illinois.

onsumer watchdogs and security experts tell Newsweek more needs to be done to protect against disturbing incidents involving hacked baby monitors, some of which have a sexual aspect to them.

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Her advice to parents is to buy a secure device, ensure that it is registered in order to be notified of security updates, and to use a strong password and change it regularly.“We know this is a problem and unfortunately it’s one that’s not going away,” Menin says.

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